Rafael Nadal raises his arms in the air.

Photo : Martin Sidorjak

Rafael Nadal’s win at the Australian Open last weekend was one for the ages.

He broke the men’s Grand Slam singles title record. He became the second man to win all four major titles at least twice in the Open Era. He mounted the first 0-2 comeback in the Australian Open final in over 50 years.

It was historic. And stars current and former rushed to social media to congratulate one of the greatest players the game has ever seen.

All hail the King

Nadal’s peers were quick to congratulate him after the dramatic victory.

Some former stars and legends of the game joined in too.

Rafa’s biggest fan was also in attendance.

Of course, the most anticipated responses were from the two men who Nadal separated himself from.

One more for the road?

Whether or not the days of the Big Three are numbered, it looks like fans will get at least one more look at two of the All-Time greats teaming up.