Canada’s Genie Bouchard surprised a fan with a stunning gesture of kindness on Sunday as she offered to pay for their new hearing aids – an act that melted hearts across social media.

And it melted ours too. ❤️

Here’s the story…

Earlier in the weekend, Morgan Jamie (@booscott10) of Toronto took to Twitter in an effort to fundraise for new hearing aids. On sale was a signed Genie Army prize pack she had won through a contest, which included a Genie-signed hat, t-shirt and postcard.

Always one to make time for her legion of fans (especially on social media), the former Wimbledon finalist caught wind of the Tweet and, not wanting @booscott10 to have to part with her prized memorabilia for the sake of her health, issued her compassionate reply.

And the story gets even better.

After catching wind of Genie’s gesture, which quickly went viral, Mississauga-based hearing services company ProSound (@HearingProsound) went one step further.

It was a “chain-reaction of nice gestures,” Genie would later remark, adding that she’d still send her fan a little something in addition to the complimentary hearing aids.

You simply love to see it. Hats off to the Canadian tennis star for proving that it’s not just on-court success that defines a player, but how they act with compassion off of it.