Billie Jean King Cup team at Vancouver

What you need to know about the tie against latvia


Team Canada presented by Sobeys hosted Latvia last week in the Billie Jean King Cup playoffs.

The tie was held at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC. Canada, tThe winner of the tie will compete at the Billie Jean King Cup Finals in November.

Team Canada was led by world No. 21 Leylah Annie Fernandez, who competed in her fourth Billie Jean King Cup tie for Canada, but first at home. She was joined by the four women who represented Canada at the 2021 finals: Rebecca Marino, Gabriela Dabrowski, Francoise Abanda and Carol Zhao.

The tie’s format consisted of five best-of-three-sets matches, four singles and one doubles, taking place Friday and Saturday.

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Catch up on the tie

Day one: Fernandez, Marino put Canada in control at Billie Jean King Cup.

Day one of the Billie Jean King Cup playoff between Team Canada presented by Safeway and Latvia could not have gone much better for the home team as Leylah Annie Fernandez and Rebecca Marino both picked up singles victories to take a 2-0 lead.

Day two: Fernandez sends Canada to Billie Jean King Cup Finals

Team Canada presented by Safeway is heading back to the Billie Jean King Cup Finals after Leylah Annie Fernandez put the Canadians ahead 3-0 in their playoff tie against Latvia with her second singles win.

The sweep was then completed when Gabriela Dabrowski and Carol Zhao won the doubles match in straight sets.

Who’s the…

Who’s the jokester of the group? Best singer? Which shot would you take from one of your teammates? Get to know Team Canada!

Expert’s Corner

Read Tom Tebbutt’s detailed analysis and recaps for both days of the competition!

Day one: Canada BJK Cup Team – Job one done.

Day two: Leylah is a drama destroyer

Exclusive interviews

Listen to exclusive interviews with Team Canada presented by Sobeys members, by the Match Point Canada podcast!

Women and girls in tennis

meeting your heroes

With the Billie Jean King Cup coming to Vancouver, our partner National Bank made it possible for 50 young tennis players from Tennis BC to attend an official Team Canada practice as an initiative of the Women & Girls program. It was an opportunity for Rebecca Marino, Leylah Annie Fernandez, Gabriela Dabrowski and Carol Zhao to connect with the girls and inspire them to stay in the sport as long as possible. Seeing the stars they had in their eyes, we think it’s mission accomplished!

Making a Different Through Tennis

It goes way beyond the tennis courts: Bianca Andreescu is set on using her platform as a tennis star to make a difference in the world.

Inspiring a new generation

It is a joy to watch new talent emerge in women’s tennis, in particular in Canada, not only because they win and lift trophies in the present, but also because they show young athletes, specially young girls, that it is possible.

The stars of today make the way for the great players of tomorrow to shine.

Billie Jean King: Think Bigger

BIllie Jean King and the famous Original 9 have not only created the Women’s Tennis Association: they have shaken the foundations of tennis and keep inspiring women and girls to follow their dreams and fight for their goals

In this roundtable discussion, some of the most successful women in tennis and sport in Canada talk about how Billie Jean King is an inspiration for them to never sell themselves short.

Girls. Set. Match. Tie-break Tournament presented by National Bank

The Girls. Set. Match Tie-Break tournament was an all-girls tournament held on Sunday, April 9th, to support the growth of tennis among girls in Canada. It was also completely operated by women, promoting also the involvement in every facet of tennis, not only as players.

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