Reilly Opelka hits a serve

Photo : Gyles Dias/Tennis Canada

Reilly Opelka. John Isner. Even our very own Milos Raonic.

What do they have in common? They are very tall tennis players who can serve better than anyone… and some people don’t exactly like it.

This style of play got the nickname “servebotting” because they win most of their service games with just their serve.

But Isner and Opelka actually are quite proud of this status! 😅

Good for them! Honestly, with a serve like that, there’s no reason to pretend you’re not happy about your game. 👏

Gaby and Luisa – the best doubles partnership?

No need to go back to the fact that they are now one of the best women’s doubles teams out there, having won the National Bank Open in Montréal and now reaching the semi-finals in Cincinnati.

They are now becoming a vlogging duo, and leave a cute message for fans after pretty much every win and taking winning selfies too! 🤳

Also Luisa is teaching Gaby some Portuguese. Luisa, I love you, but don’t steal our champion. 😭🇨🇦

Cincy tennis shenanigans

Just a bunch of players having some fun in Cincinnati. Isn’t it cool to just watch players do normal people stuff?

And no, Andy, I think there just might be better ways to do it. Not an expert, though!

#StylePoints for Kyrgios over Federer. Coco has spoken! 😂

Nadal and Federer out for 2021 

Lastly, here’s a thread of posts that will make you cry. I teared up a little with this gif of Nadal and Federer hugging… 😢

Hope we can see you two back strong in 2022!

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